Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gem Diamonds Kalahari Challenge very tough?

The riding in Botswana is mostly flat but we do have 1 or 2 hills and we have some horizontal hills (sand patches). The route is not overly demanding but you may have to push your bike a short distance or lift your bike under a fence or two but, all in all, the route is very ride-able. With regard to toughness, the harder you push yourself the tougher the ride will become. Generally speaking, the route is no harder than MTB races in neighbouring countries.


My riding partner is sick, can I change my partner?
Yes, you can change your riding partner up to a week before the event. Changes/substitutions will cost P150.00/R180.00 each.
I have paid for an entry but I can't make it this year can I roll it over to next year?
Regrettably not, but you can sell your entry to somebody else.

When and where will registration take place?

Date and time to be confirmed, Registration will be at Avani Hotel in Gaborone.

AVANI Gaborone Hotel & Casino,
Chuma Drive, Gaborone

T : +267 361 6000

Where is the start and finish?
The start and finish will take place at the Lion Park. (GPS -24.785838°; 25.817074°) VIEW MAP HERE
Can I leave my car at the start location?
The start and finish is a secure area that will have 24hour security guards for the duration of the race.
Can friends and family visit me at the overnight camp?
Yes, Friends and Family are welcome at the Camp. (GPS -24.949641°; 25.534657°) but please note that they will not be able to eat with the Riders. There will be a cash bar for drinks.
Is the route marked?
Yes, the route will be marked with green paper stickers and dayglo green spray paint. A double marker on the left side of the track indicates a left turn and a double marker on the right side of the track indicates a right turn. Confirmation markers (markers on straight sections of track) will be placed every 200m-400m. If you haven't seen a marker in the last 500m or so, it's time to backtrack until you find a marker. On long straight sections of jeep track the distance between markers will normal increase when compared to the interval of markers on a twisting singletrack. The distance between confirmation markers on jeep track will also decrease just before a turn.
Will GPS tracks be available?
Although the track will be marked we still highly recommend the use of a Garmin for navigation. The routes will be available in GPX and TCX formats. They will be downloadable from the website.
Is it safe to ride solo?
Botswana is a very safe country. We would not offer a solo category if we felt that it was not safe. We do however suggest that each rider carry a cellphone that has a local sim or has international roaming in case of an emergency.