Botswana is a sovereign country and visitors must have a passport. Emergency Travel or Temporary Passports are not accepted at the Botswana Border posts – they will turn you away and you will be sent back home.

Visitors will also have to pay a road tax on the Botswana side. Road tax is P150 per car paid in pula or via credit card. There is  an ATM to draw Pula, if you don’t have any on hand, on the Botswana exit post side.

. Border closing times are as follows:

  • Ramotswa Border - from Zeerust via Lehurutshe and Witkleigat is open from 07h00 to 19h00 (brings you out close to the Lion Park Resort which is now the Start venue for the race)

  • Tlokweng Border - main road from Zeerust to Gaborone is open from 06h00 – 24h00

  • Pioneer Gate (Lobatse) - main road from Zeerust to Lobatse is open from 06h00 to 21h00



The start and finish will take place at the Lion Park. (GPS -24.785838°; 25.817074°) VIEW MAP HERE


The overnight campsite is located in a lovely valley in the bush near Legolobotlho village, off the main Gaborone - Lobatse Road. You turn in at the Otse Police College turnoff, and follow the signs for about 22kms.



Luggage can be dropped off at the Lion Park Resort from 06h00 on Day 1 of the event. Your luggage will then be transported to the overnight campsite where you can collect it at the designated collection point. On the morning of Day 3 you will once again transport your luggage to the collection point at 06h00 and this will then be transported back to the Lion Park Resort for your collection. Remember to pack warm clothes for the overnight campsite as it does get very cold. Please label your entire luggage clearly.



Although the camp is in a remote area the access in and out is not very technical and normal sedan vehicles will be able to get in and out. We'll have plenty of big fires and lights. There will be plenty to eat and drink (spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks on Sale). The event will provide lunch, dinner and breakfast at the overnight stop for the riders. There will be sufficient water for HOT showers, but please appreciate that we are in a very dry area and all water supplies have to be trucked in – we would request that shower time be limited to 5 minutes per person.